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Comparison between Floatboxx VESC enclosures

Floatboxx controller enclosures for electric skateboards and PEV's.

Floatboxx MLC CXC MXC (obsolete)
Description Aluminium controller enclosure for the XR platform with Hypercore motor.
For Little Focer V3.0/V3.1 VESC.
Improved heatsink for Superflux.
Controller enclosure for the XR platform with Superflux/Cannoncore motor.
Modular design with interchangeable bottom plate for different VESC controllers
same as MLC, but for other VESC (no mounting studs).
Platform XR, Fungineers XR, Fungineers same as MLC
Handle Full size available Full size available same as MLC
Motor Hypercore
(Superflux via adapter)
(Hypercore via cable gland if you cut off the Molex)
same as MLC
On/off Switch size M19 M19 same as MLC
Charge port size XLR
(GX16 via optional adapter)
(GX16 via optional adapter)
same as MLC
Battery connector M20 cable gland M20 cable gland same as MLC
Motor connector Molex 6-pin, externally mounted M20 cable gland same as MLC
Footpad connector Stock M10 cable gland
or optional stock connector
same as MLC
VESC ctrl LFocer V3.0/V3.1 Choose your mounting plate at order:
- LFocer, Tronic 250R
- Ubox 80V-100V
Later: 3Shul C350
mounting to be made by user
boxx fits Flipsky 75100, Ubox 75V
Connector cover included integrated same as MLC
Weight (boxx, screws, lid, seal) 490 gr = 1.08 lbs same as MLC
- Bumpers Stock, Bang, Badger,... Stock, Bang
(not compatible with Badger)
same as MLC

Common features for all Floatboxx models:

  • Strong ! Does not break easy
    • Metal welded construction
    • Stainless steel inserts for the lid and rail mounting
  • Practical
    • The VESC can be mounted on the bottom and fixed on the M3 threaded studs.
    • More space for Buzzer, BMS, rESCue, extra Li-Ion cells...
    • Easy access for DIY: Just remove the footpad to access the lid. No need to remove rails, bumper, connector cover.
    • Easy to waterproof: welding imperfections can be closed with silicone/MS Polymer/...
    • The handle remains fully available
    • LED bar external: to be 3D printed by user
  • Improved heat dissipation for the controller:
    • The heatsink is completely made of aluminium allowing optimal heat transfer.
  • Durable:
    • the foamrubber sealing is only compressed 50% so the elastic properties are maintained, even after regular opening


  • rails: stock, Thunderrails, Varials, WTF*, Badgerwheel rails*, tailrails   (*requires some grinding of protrusions in the rail)
  • footpad: stock XR, DIY footpads* (*soft footpads require a stiff footpad plate below them so your weight is not on the Floatboxx)