Metal parts for electric skateboards and PEV's.

Welcome to our website.

We develop and produce metal parts for PEV's. These are available in our webshop together with small accessories that are useful when building your own setup. 


Our main products are:

Floatboxx VESC controller enclosures 

for the XR platform, with improved heatsink. Your choice of Floatboxx type is determined by 

  1. the connectors for motor and battery: either stock Molex or cable gland/Superflux.   
  2. the VESC controller type: LFocer, CFocer, Ubox 80V/85V, Ubox 100V, Tronic 250R, Tronic X12, Thor-300, JetFleet F6


    We offer 3 types of boxxes, identified by a 3 letter code:

    • MCM
      • Molex - CFocer - Molex as a simple replacement of the XR stock controller with Hypercore and stock battery harness
    • MLC 
      • Molex - LFocer - Cable gland for Hypercore builds with a custom battery harness
    • MXC V2
      • Molex - various controllers - Cable gland for Hypercore builds with a custom battery harness
    • CXC
      • Cable gland - various controllers - Cable gland for more elaborate builds eg. with Superflux of Cannoncore motor

    More details in the comparison table

    Floatboxx CyberRails

    Thin-wall stainless steel rails.

    • L: 3,5° angle front and rear for lower CoG and more locked-in feeling
    • XL: 5° angle front and rear and 320 mm between footpads for Big Tire Boards and low CoG

    Floatboxx RazrRails

    Our new unibody rail and box design for racers and travellers. The slimmest Onewheel rails on the planet for up to 30x 21700 Li-ion cells !

    Floatboxx MLC

    Floatboxx CXC

    Floatboxx MCM

    Floatboxx CyberRails L

    Floatboxx RazrRails

    At FLOATBOXX we are passionate about balance boards and sheet metal fabrication. We endavour to develop durable accessoires that last a long time.

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    Floatboxx, Leuven, Belgium