Aluminium battery and controller enclosures for electric skateboards.

First up is an aluminium controller housing for VESC retrofits of the Onewheel XR. The pre-series is available to purchase in the webshop for delivery end of January 2023.


The advantage of Floatboxx aluminium box compared to plastic boxes:

  • Strong ! Does not break under heavy use
    • Aluminium welded construction
    • pressed stainless steel inserts for the lid
    • Aluminium sidewalls with M5 threaded holes to mount to the rails
  • Practical
    • The VESC can be mounted on the bottom and fixed on the M3 threaded studs.
    • More space for Buzzer, BMS, rESCue, extra Li-Ion cells...
    • Easy access for DIY: Only the footpad has to be unscrewed to access the lid. No need to remove rails, bumper, connector cover.
    • Waterproof (IP rating TBC, full waterproofing only achieved with correct installation of connectors and badgering)
    • The handle remains available
    • Mounting holes for 3D printed LED strip holder
  • Improved heat dissipation for the controller:
    • The box is completely made of aluminum allowing optimal heat transfer.
    • The bottom of the controller box is in contact with outside air
  • Durable:
    • the foamrubber sealing is not compressed completely so the elastic properties are maintained


  • rails: stock, Thunderrails, WTF, Varials
  • bumpers: stock, BANGS, Badger bumpers


This is a preview of prototype 1:

Floatboxx VESC enclosure in aluminum - aluminium  controller box for VESC

At FLOATBOXX we are passionate about balance boards and sheet metal fabrication. We endavour to develop durable accessoires that last a long time.

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