Item number: F017

Floatboxx CyberRails are made of AISI 304 stainless steel plate with stainless steel M5 inserts. They offer 2 riding heights.

Experience that "locked-in" feeling with affordable angled rails.

More space between the rails for larger controller and battery boxes.: +3 mm in height, + 3 mm in width.


Standard "L" size

Floatboxx CyberRails L feature 3,5° angles front and rear and 3 mm more space between footpads for slightly large wheels.

In the lowest position (top holes) they offer the same ground clearance as stock rails but with a lower centre of gravity (CoG).

In the highest position (bottom holes) they ride 15 mm higher for more ground clearance for trail riding.

Weight ~ 600 gram/rail = 1.32 lbs/rail

Extended "XL" size

Floatboxx CyberRails XL feature 5° angles front and rear and more space between the footpads for the larger 11,5" and 12" wheels.

Space between stock footpads is 320 mm. Compatible with tires up to Burris 11.5x7-6 size.

In the highest position (bottom holes) they offer the same footpad riding height as stock rails with stock tire.

In the lowest position (top holes) they lower your center of gravity 18 mm for more stability.

Weight ~ 650 gram/rail = 1.43 lbs/rail



Standard factory raw offers the most value. No additional surface finish so small scratches, production related scars, weld discolorations are present. 

Optional Satin with a uniform smooth finish and color.


  • 1 set of rails
  • 1 set of spacer plates (CyberRails are made of thin sheet and the spacer plate keeps standard boxes on the nominal level)
  • M5 screws for footpad, fender and connector cover



  1. the Connector Cover needs some modification/creativity because there is no indentation in the rails. Eg. clip the wings and screw it onto the bumper. (Floatboxx VESC boxes have an extra mounting point of the connector cover to the boxx)
  2. Due to the thin plate, the countersunk bolts are not flush. They stick out approx. 2 mm. Therefor on maximum 4x2 locations the counterpart needs an indentation:
    1. Each bumper needs 2 for the box mounting screws
    2. Each footpad needs 2 for the internal bumper mounting screws (unless you use Kush/Platypus footpads)


CyberRails package content:

CyberRails XL for Onewheel XR

The black strips are spacer plates 1,5 mm thick to place between the boxes and the rails. This way the boxes stay at the nominal level with respect to the bumpers.


CyberRails L versus XL

CyberRails L VS XL
CyberRails L VS XL 2

Factory raw finish with small scratches, production related scars, weld discolorations

Modification to bumper and footpad required for the bolt head:

No indentation for connector cover: