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Footpad plate

With soft footpads (Platypus, Platysence, Kush,..) your whole weight can end up on the controller or battery box. Floatboxx is not designed to take this weight. Best mount a stainless steel (1 mm) or alu (2-3 mm) footpad plate below your flexible footpad. Here is the cutting file in DXF and the model in STP: Floatboxx footpad plate rev 2. This is version 2. The bend line is at 32.0 mm from the front. 

We also offer this plate in our shop: Footpad support plate in 1 mm stainless steel.

Downloads Floatboxx 


FLOATBOXX MLC/MXC mechanical assembly instruction release v0.3

FLOATBOXX CXC mechanical assembly instruction release v0.1


3D print files:

A cover plate for the LFocer (print in PETG or another temperature resistant material)

A plastic cover plate to protect your sensitive electronics from damage (during assembly and during hard riding).

It is clamped down by the M3 lock nuts that hold the controller (this cover plate replaces the nylon washers).

Original by Surfdado:

Updates by > !!/dev/ null > SMU:cover plate for the LFocer

Compatible with MLC/CXC.



3D print a Front Lightbar:

We opted to place the LED strip outside the Floatboxx in a 3D printed LED strip holder. See the picture below. This part is not included in the delivery and should be printed by yourself: 3D STP model of a LED strip holder v1 to mount in the front.

  • Features: 10,5x4,5 mm slot for the LED strip. 3 mm gap to the bumper to glue a transparant screen.
  • To be mounted on Floatboxx MLC with 2 self tapping screws.
  • The ø8 mm vent-hole in the front of Floatboxx is perfectly placed to place a cable gland/plug. An M8 gland fits without drilling. For an M10 gland you should drill the hole to ø10 mm. A new vent hole can be drilled on the other side.

Compatible with MLC/CXC.

A version of the LED strip holder for SK6812 LEDS was designed and published here.

3D print a bracket for the rESCue mini light controller:

This is a 3D model of a bracket to hold the rESCue mini light controller and buck converter inside the Floatboxx MLC. The bracket should be 3D printed by yourself. It can be glued to the bottom, or fastened with screws.

Compatible with MLC.

An updated version is made by Relys to use an alternatve DC step down. It can be found on