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Floatboxx RazrRails are a rail and box system specifically designed for racing and travelling. We want to move the sport to the next level by providing special racing boards. 

A 28 mm slim frame, including battery and controller compartments featuring: 

  • 3 riding heights: max. physical clearance VS lowest CoG  
  • easy accessible battery and controller compartement
  • space for up to 5x 6s1p battery-packs (= 30s1p), airtravel safe*
  • 5°/5° footpad angles
  • modular design with VESC mounting plates for various VESC controllers
  • Compatible with all XR platform footpads
  • 310 mm between footpads to fit big tires
  • small handle

* for safe air travel, check with your carrier.

A small series will be ready by early July 2024.


Stainless steel self-supporting mono-frame. Rails and boxes in 1 single welded piece.

All connections with cable glands.

Satin finish on the visible surfaces.

Maximum physical clearance / low CoG with 3 riding heights

Razr rails are 28 mm slim excluding footpad, compared to 46 mm for stock XR and 49 mm for XR with Bang Bumpers.

You choose how to spend that extra 21 mm by mounting the axle blocks on any of 3 settings:

  • 25° angle of attack
  • 26° angle of attack
  • 27° angle of attack


The footpads are angled 5° and 5° symmetrically and mount directly on the RazrRails.

The footpads are the lid to access the battery and controller compartments. Dust and water sealing is done via a foam patch. Fast access to the compartments by removing the footpads with only 4 screws (up to 6, depending on your footpad type and setup).

The footpads are supported by internal vertical walls between the packs to avoid compressing the battery.

Stiff footpads (stock, Surestance) can be used as such. Flexible footpads require our CXC footpad support plates for stiff, splash-waterproof sealing.


Front and rear bumpers are to be 3D printed by the user. They look similar to the Onewheel+ bumpers. The 3D file will become available.


- RazrRails mono-frame

- Strong polymer kit to seal all gaps

- 4 cable glands for battery, motor, charger/switch connection

- modular alu heatsink for the VESC controller of your choice. Currently only LFocer/Tronic 250R supported.

- alu spacer to protect the battery-packs.

- Floatboxx 14-core cable