GX16 adapter MLC

Item number: F013

The hole on the charge side of Floatboxx is designed for a Neutrik NC3MPR-HD XLR as is sold by MakersPEV and Customwheel.

To avoid confusion between different battery set-ups and chargers a different powerplug is desired. GX16 can be a good alternative.

There is some consensus for :

15s : XLR

18s : GX16 - 3-pin

20s : GX16 - 4-pin


This GX16 adapter is an updated version of the prototype so the GX16 falls deeper and completely within the rails.



- Stainless steel adapter for GX16 on Floatboxx

- Lock nut

- O-ring for adapter to Floatboxx

- O-ring for GX16 to adapter