Extra thermal mass for Superflux with MLC

Item number: F027

If you use the Floatboxx MLC in combination with a Superflux you can reach the controller temperature limits in certain situations. Certainly if you are a heavier rider + in a hot climate + slow-speed uphill trails. 

This extra thermal mass plate goes in between the LFocer and the Floatboxx MLC and provides extra thermal headroom.

Since October 1th, we include this standard with Cable gland adapter plate for Superflux on Floatboxx MLC.

If you use a Hypercore, this extra thermal mass is not needed.


- 99,5 % pure Aluminium plate - 2 mm, unpainted, 

Mounting sandwich:

-- LFocer --

-- Thermal pad --

-- Thermal mass for LFocer in MLC --

-- Thermal paste --

-- Floatboxx MLC --