14-core battery cable VESC

Item number: F030

Our new dedicated power cable for PEV's and electric skateboards, in collaboration with the Board Garage.

14 wires together in 1 waterproof and impactproof PVC sheathing.

Bare cable without connectors. Intended for DYI. To build your own battery cable harness.


2x AWG13 for discharge +

3x AWG20 for charge/BMS/splitpack +

2x AWG24 twisted pairs for CAN, LEDs*,...

5x AWG24 pairs for CAN, LEDs*,...


OD ø11 mm fits nicely in a M20/PG13,5 cable gland and in the axle blocks.


Maximum 100V - Maximum 90°C (195°F)



- 1 multicore cable with length 90 cm ~ 3ft


* for LEDs check the required current and if needed combine 2x AWG24 per pole.

(make a diagram or a picture of your solderings !)