• Contain the power of VESC in an aluminum controller boxx !
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Floatboxx CXC

Item number: F024

The Floatboxx CXC is a metal controller box to house a VESC controller between XR style rails. 

It is specifically designed to go with the Superflux motor:

  • improved thermals (at least 2x the heatcapacity of the MLC box)
  • M20 cable gland for the motor cable
  • M10 cable gland for the footpad cable (optional stock connector)

Furthermore this box is made stronger, to take more abuse.

The connector cover is integrated.

Weight: 950 gr = 2.08 lbs (box, screws, lid, seal)

Modular controller plate:

  • The VESC controller is mounted on a 2,5 mm (~0,1") thick aluminium heatsink with integrated connector cover.
    • The cable glands/strain reliefs are easy reachable 
  • The controller mounting plate is modular and must be chosen at order:
    • Controller plate for Little Focer V3.0/V3.1/Tronic 250R is available for delivery around mid October 2023
    • Controller plate for Ubox (100V and ??) is available for delivery towards the end of October 2023
  • The controller mounting plate is to be bolted AND sealed onto the Floatboxx CXC by the user.
    • preferably use a polymer construction type of sealant for sealing and permanent fixture. 


The advantage of Floatboxx CXC:

  • Very strong ! Does not break under heavy use
    • Stainless steel welded construction
    • Stainless steel inserts for the lid and rail mounting
  • Practical
    • The VESC can be mounted on the bottom and fixed on the M3 threaded studs.
    • More space for Buzzer, BMS, rESCue, extra Li-Ion cells...
    • Easy access for DIY: Just remove the footpad to access the lid. No need to remove rails, bumper, connector cover.
    • Easy to waterproof: welding imperfections can be closed with silicone/MS Polymer/...
    • The handle remains fully available
    • Mounting holes for 3D printed LED strip holder
  • Improved heat dissipation for the controller:
    • The controller mounting plate is made from uncoated 2,5 mm aluminium allowing optimal heat transfer.
    • The controller mounting plate transports the heat towards rear via the integrated connector cover
  • Durable:
    • the 2mm foamrubber sealing is compressed about 50% so the elastic properties are maintained after many cycles of opening.


  • rails: CyberRails, stock, Thunderrails, Varials, WTF*, Badgerwheel rails*    (*requires some grinding of protrusions in the rail)
  • bumpers: stock, BANGS, (NOT compatible with Badger bumpers)
  • footpad: stock XR, DIY footpads 


  • stainless steel box with aluminum lid (both powderpainted white)
  • aluminium controller mounting plate for your controller choice, unpainted, connector cover integrated
  • foamrubber sealing sticker
  • 2 vent stickers
  • all nut 'n bolts in stainless steel. 
    • M5 countersunk screws for the mounting of the box to the rails
    • M3 countersunk screws for the lid
    • M3 locknuts and nylon washers for the Little Focer
    • M4 locknuts for mechanical assembly of the controller plate




The connectors should be purchased separately, these are the size of the holes:

  • on/off switch: ø19 mm hole (Pre-wired available from MakersPEV/Customwheel)
  • charge plug: ø20,5 mm hole for the Neutrik NC3 MPR-HD XLR (Pre-wired available from MakersPEV/Customwheel)
  • footpad: ø10 hole for M10 cable gland (optional stock connector cable to 3-pin JST for Little Focer
  • battery cable: ø20 mm hole for M20x1,5 cable gland with lock nut.
  • motor: ø20 mm hole for M20x1,5 cable gland with lock nut.


  • We use metric screws and tools: M5 to mount the box, M3 to mount the lid 
  • Floatboxx is not guaranteed to be waterproof on it's own. Do a visual inspection first for small gaps. For 100% certainty: use the Badgerwheel kit . Total waterproofness depends on the complete assembly by the user.
  • Use a 1 mm thermal pad between the box and the Mosfets. The location of the VESC controller has no powdercoating for optimal heat transfer.
    • we advise 1 mm because we supply a 0,5 mm nylon washer to go below the Mosfets as electrical isolator


3D print accessoires

See the Download section for CAD files for Floatboxx CXC accessoires:

- LED strip bar

- LFocer cover