Floatboxx MXC V2

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The Floatboxx MXC is a metal controller box to house a VESC controller between XR style rails. 

It is specifically designed to go with the Hypercore motor:

  • improved thermals (at least 2x the heatcapacity of the MLC box)
  • compatible with stock connectors for the motor cables
  • M10 cable gland for the footpad cable (optional stock connector)

Furthermore this box is made stronger, to take more abuse.

The connector cover is integrated.

Weight: 950 gr = 2.08 lbs (box, screws, lid, seal)

Modular controller plate:

  • The VESC controller is mounted on a 2,5 mm (~0,1") thick aluminium heatsink.
    • The cable glands/strain reliefs are easy reachable 
  • The controller mounting plate is modular and must be chosen at order:
    • for Little Focer V3.0/V3.1/Tronic 250R (internal height for the VESC is 32,5 mm)
    • for Fungineers Thor-300 VESC
    • for Ubox 100V/80V
  • The controller mounting plate is to be bolted AND sealed onto the Floatboxx MXC V2 by the user with the included polymer adhesive and sealant.
  • The connector cover is a separate aluminium part
Modular aluminium heat sink for VESC Onewheel


The advantage of Floatboxx MXC V2:

  • Very strong ! Does not break under heavy use
    • Stainless steel welded construction
    • Stainless steel inserts for the lid and rail mounting
  • Practical
    • The VESC can be mounted on the bottom and fixed on the M3 threaded studs.
    • More space for Buzzer, BMS, rESCue, extra Li-Ion cells...
    • Easy access for DIY: Just remove the footpad to access the lid. No need to remove rails, bumper, connector cover.
    • Easy to waterproof: welding imperfections can be closed with silicone/MS Polymer/...
    • The handle remains fully available
    • Mounting holes for 3D printed LED strip holder
  • Improved heat dissipation for the controller:
    • The controller mounting plate is made from uncoated 2,5 mm aluminium allowing optimal heat transfer.
  • Durable:
    • the 3mm foamrubber sealing is compressed 33% so the elastic properties are maintained after many cycles of opening.


  • rails: CyberRails, stock, Thunderrails, Varials, WTF*, Badgerwheel rails*    (*requires some grinding of protrusions in the rail)
  • bumpers: stock, BANGS, (NOT compatible with Badger bumpers)
  • footpad: stock XR, DIY footpads 


  • stainless steel box with aluminum lid (both powderpainted white)
  • aluminium controller mounting plate for your controller choice, unpainted
    • The Ubox variant includes the Ubox 100V AND 80V brackets and screws.
  • aluminium connector cover
  • foamrubber sealing sticker
  • 2 vent stickers
  • MS polymer adhesive and sealant 50 gr blister
  • all nut 'n bolts in stainless steel. 
    • M5 countersunk screws for the mounting of the box to the rails
    • M3 screws for the lid
    • M3 locknuts and nylon washers for the VESC
    • M4 locknuts for mechanical assembly of the controller plate





The connectors should be purchased separately, these are the size of the holes:

  • on/off switch: ø19 mm hole
  • charge plug: ø20,5 mm hole for the Neutrik NC3 MPR-HD XLR
  • battery cable: ø20 mm hole for M20x1,5 cable gland with lock nut.
  • footpad: ø10 hole for M10 cable gland
  • hall sensor: ø10 hole for M10 cable gland
  • motor: compatible with the Hypercore 6-pin Molex. Note that we designed for the Molex 6-pin with the gasket outside the box:
    • Build it yourself with these components
      • Molex CONN PLUG HSG 6POS 5.84MM 194290044, panel mount w/o boss (digikey link)
      • Molex CONN PIN 14-16AWG CRIMP TIN 0194170027, male pin, 6x (digikey link)
    • Buy a pre-wired Floatboxx set from Customwheel.shop for 24,79 € including the motor connector, M20 Cable gland and their compatible internal charger connector. Or contact us for a USA supplier.


  • We use metric screws and tools: M5 to mount the box, M3 to mount the lid 
  • Floatboxx is not guaranteed to be waterproof on it's own. Do a visual inspection first for small gaps. For 100% certainty: use the Badgerwheel kit . Total waterproofness depends on the complete assembly by the user.
  • Use a 1 mm thermal pad between the box and the Mosfets. The location of the VESC controller has no powdercoating for optimal heat transfer.
    • we advise 1 mm because we supply a 0,5 mm nylon washer to go below the Mosfets as electrical isolator
  • We try to spray the powder-paint thick to seal all the corner-gaps between the plates. However, this means the powderpaint can accumulate at the far edges of the boxx (the edges that go inside your rails). The bubbles of paint at these edges can crack during curing. As this does not affect the function, we ship these as acceptable Floatboxx's.



3D print accessoires

See the Download section for CAD files for Floatboxx CXC V2 accessoires:

- LED strip bar

- LFocer cover

MXC V2 compatible items

Ubox 80V and 100V bracket

The Ubox kit includes the controller mounting plate with studs to mount the 2 included aluminium brackets:

  • A clamp down bracket for the Ubox 100V
  • A mounting plate for the Ubox 80V

Thermal paste (not included) should be used between the controller and the plates.

The mounting of the controllers is waterproof, there is no other sealing required !

Ubox 100V Vesc bracket for Floatboxx
Ubox 100V Vesc bracket in Floatboxx
Ubox 80V Vesc bracket for Floatboxx
Ubox 80V Vesc in Floatboxx

Tronic 250R VESC controller in Floatboxx MLC V2 metal enclosure